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Sport Canopies and Steel Frames

Find some information on our Sport Canopy Buildings and steel portal frames we offer on a daily basis and get a free estimate below.


We know that there comes a time in a sports club's life that it must consider covering the space where, members, students and coaches gather to do the thing they love. Our range of cold rolled steel buildings are ideal for this. They allow tall eaves heights and wide spans to be created in light gauge steel, which saves you the cost of the materials above and below the ground.

You have the option to make it suit your project. We offer a range of cladding options that can look contemporary and modern and match your club's colours. Furthermore, you can decide on combinations of glazing, doors, roller shutters and levels of insulation.

The buildings we provide are cold rolled steel frames that are bolted or cast into the concrete to create a secure fixing. Our software takes full account of wind and snow load factors applicable to the site location and elevation in the technical phase of the sales and order process.

We can achieve 50m+ clear spans before a new stanchion would need to land and eaves height of 12m approx. This allows us to provide an affordable and competitive option when comparing our buildings to other construction techniques such as hot rolled column buildings, whilst retaining excellent quality.

Call the team today on 01757 289 067 to discuss how we can help you with your sport canopy building or email

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