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Steel Buildings For Rural Businesses: Solutions and Benefits

The agricultural sector in the UK could benefit greatly from using steel frame buildings as opposed to wooden barns. Not only are they sustainable, but they can be customised and are easy to maintain, making them increasingly popular among rural businesses. 

Here are the top benefits for replacing wooden barns with steel structures. 

More durable

Steel buildings are famous for their durability and strength. Their lifespan is thought to be at least 50 years, requiring little repairwork and maintenance during that time. 

They are incredibly weather resistant, and their material is not impacted by cold snaps, snow or ice. They can also withstand strong winds of up to 120 miles per hour, as well as heavy downpours. 

Being water resistant is one of their greatest advantages, particularly in the UK where there was 1,2900mm of rainfall in 2023. As the country appears to be getting wetter, with last year’s figures being 111 per cent of the 1991-2020 annual average, it is essential rural companies fit buildings that will be able to cope with wet conditions. 

Knowing that the building will not buckle from weather damage means farmers will be more confident storing their machinery and harvested crops in there. 

In addition to this, its steel material makes it fireproof and resistant to corrosion. It is unlikely there will be pests or water damage inside the structures and they can withstand high temperatures, protecting the goods inside from being ruined. 

Low maintenance costs 

Agricultural businesses are also keen to invest in steel buildings on their land as they do not require much maintenance. 

As they are so weather resistant, this reduces the chance of mould, mildew or bacterial growth developing.

Therefore, once they are built, their durability means they do not need to be repaired, which not only saves them money on callouts but also time and effort. Therefore, they can concentrate their focus on their business operations instead. 

Quick and easy to construct

A farmer’s job is never finished, which is why anything that can be done quickly and easily for them is a bonus. 

The fact that steel buildings can be put up speedily means they can incur as little disruption to their week as possible. 

Additionally, they can save money on the installation, as labouring costs will be lower if it takes quicker.

Another element that agricultural business owners love is that these structures can be customised. Therefore, they can design their building just how they want it and in a way that serves their business best. 


All companies want to be as sustainable as possible these days, and steel structures enable them to do that. 

As they are so long-lasting, there is a lower need for repairs and new materials. Therefore, callouts are reduced, meaning less energy is expended by repairmen. 

At the same time, as they last a long time, this reduces the amount of material needed over the years, making them a really sustainable choice for farms across the UK.


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