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Benefits Of Kit Build Steel Buildings For UK Businesses

Businesses hoping to expand can sometimes feel like they’re in a Catch-22

situation, as they need extra space to grow but this can come at a great

expense, which eradicates the advantages of expansion.

Although property prices are falling, steep rents and high mortgage rates are

making it difficult for businesses to sign up to other premises.

However, there is a solution to their problem in the form of kit build steel

buildings. Here are just some of the benefits of this type of structure.

1) Affordable

Unlike buying or renting a permanent structure, kit steel buildings are cheaper.

As they are made off-site, this reduces the labour costs of being on site.

Therefore, it takes less time to put them up, saving companies a considerable

amount of money on construction.

At the same time, the steel material is inexpensive and few concrete foundations

are required.

Maintenance of steel buildings, including cleaning it and pest control, is also

easier, making it a more cost-effective solution than other options.

2) Customisable

Whether you want your steel building as a warehouse or an aircraft hangar, its

interior is completely customisable.

You could include partition walls if you wanted to section areas off, have it all

open plan, or fill it with shelving for an adequate storage area.

3) Durable

Steel buildings are becoming increasingly popular as the material is durable and

will last a long time.

It can withstand corrosion, mould and other environmental conditions, and it will

not change size or structure depending on the weather. Therefore, you can be

confident the metal will not expand or contract according to the temperature


Cold-formed steel is even able to withstand construction blasts, so you can be

sure it will provide adequate security and protect your goods or machinery from

the elements, as well as local wildlife or thieves.

4) Sustainable

Companies that are trying to reduce their carbon emissions and do their bit for

the environment will like the fact that kit steel buildings are sustainable.

They tend to be made with recycled steel and, as a result of their durability, they

are able to last for decades. When they do need to be replaced, the material can

be recycled again, meaning they use fewer raw materials than wooden


Additionally, as they feature deep wall cavities, they can be well insulated,

reducing the amount of heat lost to the outside. This means businesses do not

have to turn the heating up as high, saving the amount of energy used, and

lowering their fuel bills at the same time.

They can also be finished with reflective materials, which reflect the sun’s rays

and help it to retain heat better.

Being sustainable and energy-efficient should be an important consideration for

businesses these days, particularly as the UK is aiming to hit net zero carbon

targets by 2050.


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