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Arson Shows Value of Fire-Resistant Farm Buildings

If you need to add new structures to your farm property, there are very good reasons to choose an agricultural steel building. One of these is the fact that it is easy to build quickly, unlike a stone or brick building, while it is more resilient against bad weather than a wooden structure.

A third factor to consider is that it is far less vulnerable to fire than a wooden building. This is important not just because accidental blazes can happen, but due to the sad reality that sometimes agricultural properties can be the target of arson attacks.

The Newcastle Chronicle has just reported on such a case, where a fire at a farm in High Spen, near Gateshead, was suspected to be arson.

Although the blaze began when a pile of tyres and other debris was apparently deliberately set alight, the fire soon spread to a shed. Four fire engines attended the blaze.

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said: "Shortly before 8am today, we received a report of a fire on Rogues Lane, in High Spen, Gateshead. It was reported that a large amount of tyres and a shed were ablaze.”

Clearly a wooden shed would have little or no chance of surviving a fire, but a steel building, not being flammable, could escape even an adjacent fire with minimal damage and thus remain usable after such an incident.

Sometimes it does not even need to be property on a farm itself that is targeted by arsonists, but land nearby from which it can spread.

The Bradford Telegraph and Argus has reported that police are trying to track down arsonists who recently started a blaze on Marsden Moor in West Yorkshire, causing extensive damage. As anyone living near upland areas that are prone to moorland fires knows, these can be very hard to stop in hot, dry weather, putting property under threat.

If you have farm buildings near such moorland, a fire, whether accidental or deliberate, could be a major threat in some conditions, which is why a steel, fire-resistant building could prove an invaluable investment.


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