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Why Pop-up Tents Are A Festival Staple

Summer is now upon us, which means every weekend for the next couple of months will be taken over by music events, food festivals, community parades, school fetes, and steam engine fairs.

Whatever type of festival you enjoy, you can guarantee there’ll be a PVC canopy or two there.

  • Protection from the rain

There are many reasons why pop-up tents are a must at British festivals, with the most important being the unpredictable British weather.

Although we’ve had a few weeks of glorious sunshine, the UK is not known for its consistently sunny weather. In fact, British summers are synonymous with rain, thunderstorms and even flooding.

This doesn’t deter the crowds, as we are so used to packing for impromptu showers, but heavy downpours and soggy fields can certainly be problematic for performers, market stall holders, and cooking demonstrations.

That is why PVC tents are so important, as they enable events to still take place, even if the heavens open!

  • Reprieve from the sunshine

Equally, the midday sun can prove very difficult for lots of people, including children and the elderly. So, it is always important to have somewhere they can seek shade from the glaring sunshine.

Tents, although still warm, allow people to give their skin a break from harsh UV rays, and reduce the incidences of heat strokes and heat exhaustion at these busy events.

  • To create separate zones

Some British festivals can be huge, with around 210,000 people expected to turn up at this year’s Glastonbury music event, as an example.

Therefore, sites need to be separated into different zones, giving visitors different areas to explore. Having tents helps to segregate the vicinities, and direct attendees to things that will interest them more.

This is particularly beneficial for festivals aimed at families, as there could be a kids’ tent, a soft play area, a storytime zone, and a circus show all in different canopies.

  • Different performances

Similarly, if there are different performers scheduled for the event, having separate tents helps to keep these apart, so the sound and atmosphere is not affected and it can be enjoyed as much as possible.

This can be beneficial for all festivals, from those as big as Glastonbury to little local fairs.

To avoid the choir’s songs interfering with, or distracting from, the community dance school’s show, it is a good idea to keep the performances hidden away from public view in tents.

  • Control ticketed events

Additionally, if the performances are ticketed, having them in an enclosed space means they can be managed better, making sure nobody is able to watch if they do not have a ticket.

This could also help raise money at the festival, keeping some areas restricted unless attendees have bought a ticket to enter the tent.


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